Cayo Esquivel

Cayo Esquivel is located 11 km NE of Isabela de Sagua, in the region of Sagua La Grande. Even though Cayo Esquivel is known and visited since the colonial times, the social life actually starts to happen in the 1920's.

Around this time, a group of families started to use Cayo Esquivel as a recreational site. With the constant Sunday visits, Cayo Esquivel was established as Esquivel Beach. This beach was taken care of by the Sagua Yatch Club. The Zorroza and Kismet ferries were the ones transporting the many Esquivel enthusiast every Sunday to and from the key.

The picnics and the coconut trees were amazing all along the beaches of Esquivel. The beauty contest "Esquivel Queen" is something something epic in the history of the Villa del Undoso. Also, the laughter of children and the domino players gave a unique touch to this cuban paradise.

Around the 1930's is when the real life starts in Esquivel, which was shortly interrupted by the hurricane of 1933. This hurricane split the key in half, forming a straight that disappeared with time. Other than that hurricane, all throughout the 1930's people starting to build their cabins, and the visitors started to stay at Esquivel for longer periods of time. At some point, you could see new houses being built by the day, as well as many hotels.

All the visitors agreed that this was the "most perfect beach in Cuba". The sand was so fine that you could hardly hold it in your hand without it slipping out. The sea was so clean, and far away from contamination, that it was said that this beach must have been designed by God to be ideal for beach lovers.

In the 1940's, the growth at Cayo Esquivel became exponential. The first power plants arrived, as well as radios, fridges, TVs, etc, and by the 1950's Cayo Esquivel was already an actual city. It was full of shops, entertainment centers, small hotels, playgrounds, parks, boat, and all the aquatic activities you can think of.

All the neighbors of Sagua La Grande have great memories of the key. Many of them transformed romances into actual families, and the stories can be easily made into a book. The characters of the city, the unforgettable curiosities and events, fishing records, the laughter of the children and all the many memories have been forever recorded in the sandy beautiful of Cayo Esquivel.